“I highly recommend this clinic to everyone! The doctor, NP and RN are fabulous, so down to earth and passionate about helping people feel better. The clinic is so inviting, warm and relaxing. I’m hooked and you will be too!”

– Melissa R.

“Can not say enough great things about Dr. Fox and her team! Was feeling under the weather for a couple days with cold/flu symptoms, after receiving infusion was feeling so much better within hours! I will definitely be returning!”

– Janet Z.

“Dr. Fox and her staff are absolutely amazing! They are super friendly and they made me feel very comfortable. The whole facility and especially the lounge is so beautiful and relaxing. I have been on a journey to health for a few years that has forced me to change my diet and lifestyle drastically. I have a handful of lingering symptoms even after all the changes I have made. One of the worst being chronic headaches and fatigue. The morning of my appointment I woke up with a headache, brain fog, fatigue, anxiety and on the verge of another debilitating migraine. 10 minutes into the infusion I could literally feel the difference it was making. Head cleared, anxiety calmed and I went to my afternoon meeting feeling clearer and fresher than when I woke up. I am beyond words thankful for being introduced to H2O health hydration oasis.”

– Jaime H.

“Dr. Fox and her staff are wonderful! Such a relaxing environment!”

– Melissa V.

“From the moment my friend Sue and I entered, we were welcomed and well informed! I felt comfortable sharing health history, etc for them to best offer options for treatment. The entire process was seamless! The experience of receiving the infusion was pleasant and soothing with dim, indirect lighting, comfy recliners, a warm blanket, and humidified oxygen infused with an essential oil…I had a good night’s sleep following my treatment, and today I awakened and actually had energy! I didn’t even hit my snooze ONCE! I look forward to experiencing ongoing health benefits of supporting my body’s natural function! Thank you Andrea, Jodi and Dr. Fox!”

– Dawne S.

“I feel great since I’ve started coming here! My IV is custom made to fit my health and wellness needs!”

– Evie R.

“I can’t say enough good things about H2O. Jodi was amazing and took great care of me. The vitamin cocktail is going to allow me to travel within 24 hours. I feel way better compared to before. The facility is beautiful. It looks like a five star hotel. Thank you so much!”

– Jonathan W.

“I have been feeling sluggish, no energy, short of breath for months. My doctor ran all kinds of labs and chest trays which came back normal. Yesterday I was at my wits end. I texted Dr. Fox, she responded and saw her in the afternoon. I felt the warmth and was put at ease in such a comforting place. I have worked with Dr. Fox so I fully trusted her and her staff. During the treatment I was so relaxed. My energy level was up and felt so good. I will be returning and still feel good. Thank you Dr. Fox, her husband and staff for all that you did. I will return and recommend.”

– Delnita H.

“I feel super fabulous and love the ambiance of this place! The staff is awesome.”

– Naomi B.

“The NP that took care of me was amazing! It is a beautiful place and I was relaxed and well taken care of the whole time! I left there feeling much better than when I arrived!”

– Kyra M.