Why is IV hydration important?
The body is made up of trillions of different kinds of cells, each having a job to perform so that we can function normally. All of these cells use vitamins, minerals and antioxidants along with glucose to create energy for all of these processes they must perform. But when these cells do not have these key nutrients to do their job, overall function is impaired and this can lead to the development of disease. Many diseases are the result of longstanding nutritional imbalance, which shows the importance of replenishing these vitamins and minerals. Early preventative therapy is even better.

People who live with chronic illness are likely depleted of these valuable nutrients. This chronic daily deficiency is difficult to replenish, and it is unlikely that simply taking oral supplements will be able to “catch you back up” from your accumulated deficit. IV nutritional therapy rapidly delivers high doses of these vitamins and essential elements directly to the cells that need it most, giving the body a faster way to be replenished and repaired.
What should I expect during my treatment?
Most of the IV cocktails range between 20-90 minutes to infuse. You can stream Hulu or Netflix, catch up on sports, read, listen to music (with headphones that we can provide), take a nap, catch up on your emails or just relax. Some of our high dose cocktails require 2-3 hours, but we will let you know ahead of time if you require one.

Once your IV has been placed, you can kick back and relax in your comfy recliner while your infusion is administered. Some people experience a warm sensation in their abdomen or chest, and some say that they are able to “taste the vitamins.”

***Please be sure to eat and/or bring a snack so that you do not arrive with an empty stomach. Vitamin C and other cocktails require continuous oral hydration during administration, so you may bring drinks of your choice. We will offer water and some snacks, but feel free to bring whatever you like.
I really hate the idea of needles...how much does this hurt?
Generally, we use a very small sized IV; the one that is typically used in infants and toddlers. Most people barely feel anything at all, and it is definitely quicker and less irritating than getting a tattoo or piercing. We also use a special “cold spray” on the skin that helps keep discomfort to a minimum.
What are the typical ingredients in the infusions?
Depending on your particular medical condition or nutritional status, your infusion may contain any number of essential vitamins, amino acids, minerals, antioxidants, and nutrients to support cell function and overall health. These are compounded with various fluid solutions to provide the most effective manner to hydrate and replenish the body rapidly.
How often should I get a treatment?
Many conditions often require an intense period of initial treatments that transition to a maintenance phase. The initial phase can vary, but is commonly 1-3 times per week for a period of 1-2 months, with a maintenance phase of 1-4 times per month. Preventative and anti-aging treatments are typically recommended 2-4 times a month.
What about Health Savings Accounts (HSA), Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) Insurance Billing and Reimbursements?
H2O Health Hydration Oasis always strives to keep your “out of pocket” costs down. For this reason we have the following options:

Insurance Billing:

We are able to take certain participating medical insurance carriers just as you would any other physician office. There is no referral needed from your primary physician to visit to H2O Health Hydration Oasis, as we are simply a specialty medical clinic. Each individual’s deductible and copay information will be assessed per their carrier specifications.

HSA + FSA Accounts:

For the most part, most FSA and HSA plans qualify as a form of payment for your IV Treatments (not applicable for “cosmetic” treatments). If you have a debit card for your FSA or HSA plan, we can usually charge it directly. We also provide you with an itemized Superbill which is a specialized receipt which includes the medical diagnosis and procedure codes applicable for your treatment in case you need to be reimbursed indirectly by your plan. The advantage is that you will be paying with pre-tax money which is already designated for medical spending.

Superbill Receipt:

We charge the amount for your treatment upfront and can generate a Superbill for you upon request. This is a specialized receipt which includes the medical diagnosis and procedure codes your insurance will need from you to reimburse you for what you paid us at the time of your service. Use the Superbill to fill out the 1 page reimbursement form your insurance has available on their website.