H2O Milwaukee

We are a new health and wellness boutique where we provide custom IV cocktail therapy to help heal and rejuvenate. This is done in a modern and upscale setting that meets the standard expectations of a traditional healthcare experience without the associated hassle.

From treating the common cold, facilitating athletic recovery, or NAD therapy and beyond, we are a modern and innovative approach to rejuvenating the body from the inside out.

Restoring you, one drop at a time.

New Drip Deal, VIP Pricing on Social Survivor and Sick Day Support for all

Featured Cocktails

suggested use

+ Immune Support
+ Viral Illness
+ Stress
+ Skin Revitalization
+ Collagen Production

High Dose Vitamin C

suggested use

+ Hangovers
+ Dehydration
+ Headache

Social Survivor

suggested use

+ Anti-Aging
+ Athletic Performance
+ Anxiety
+ Depression
+ Chronic Fatigue
+ Addiction

IV NAD Therapy

suggested use

In Cancer treatment to combat the side effects of chemo and radiation.

Chemotherapy & Radiation Recovery

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